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Getting Started!

ASSUMING you are convinced you want to go racing, the first thing to do is to select what class you wish to race in. There are many classes available and many clubs to race with. New Era offers different racing classes and one Club championship in which to compete. The range of circuits we race at is also hard to beat and covers most areas of England and Wales.

If you are not sure if racing is for you, don't try it on the road, go to a racing school or rent a racer. Either of these options gives you the chance to sample the thrills of racing without risking your bike or your pocket!

The ACU site has a selection of addresses that they recommend to start your career. These schools are located at different tracks across the country and there should be one near you. If you want to go one step further, you can contact Rent a Racer who will provide a bike, all you need to do is turn up (you will have to of obtained a racing licence.... details below)!

The best advice we can give you is to go to a meeting as a spectator, ask the riders about racing and talk to the officials who will give you plenty of advice.

Our Championships and Classes are;

For riders of Ducati 848 machines

In two classes A and B


The cost of maintaining your machine will vary depending on the class you are in. The ease of getting a ride will also depend on how popular the class is. Some classes like Formula 600 are very popular and sometimes are over subscribed. It may be better to choose a less popular class.

Getting a licence is a must. You won't be able to race without one. If you are a complete newcomer, you will need to contact the ACU (Tel: 01788 566419) and speak to Debbie Waimsley with regard to the Novice Training Day and pass this before you can obtain a racing licence. You will also need a novice race jacket which is obtainable from the ACU.
You must also be a member of a club. Your licence application needs to be signed by an official of the club so the best thing to do is send the licence and club membership forms (and also the relevant payments to the ACU and New Era) to us and we will do the rest.

New Licence and club membership application forms are available from our Membership Secretary - Joan Bailey:

New Era Motorcycle Club,
11 Mill Studio Business Centre,
Crane Mead,
SG12 9PY
Tel: 01920 444205 Fax: 01920 468686
(Membership can also be downloaded)

A frequently asked question is "Do I need a medical?" The short answer is no - if you are under 55 and are only going club racing. You WILL need to have an eye test.

When you get your licence from the ACU, read all the information you can. It includes a handbook which details what you can and cannot do to your bike. You also need to be aware of how a race meeting runs, what to do about practice, racing, and what the flags mean.

When you have joined New Era, you just need to wait for the entry forms to arrive. Pick the events you want to enter, send off the entry form and fee, read the final instructions that are sent with the passes and then turn up on the day.

Good luck!





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