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Three more bikes follow into this one, two of the riders are not moving and one bike has split its fuel tank - What would you do next?

What do the Marshals do next?

You will need to be a NEW ERA ROAD RACE CLUB MARSHAL to find out.

As an active alternative to competing, you could become one of the hundreds of hardy souls who clad themselves in orange each weekend, to carry out the variety of jobs essential to the safe running of an race meeting. It's a serious undertaking and can get you very close to the action at times.

Course, Incident, Flag, Pits, Paddock, Assembly, Machine Recovery - all these basically come under the umbrella of marshalling. However, you don't just come along and do whatever job you fancy on the day; there is a lot more to it than that. Those with no experience start as Trainees and will be placed with experienced marshals at whatever position they are allocated. Training days are available, ranging from fire fighting, incident handling, use and knowledge of the many flags through to, after years of experience, becoming sector marshals.

The New Era club looks after its marshals, realising only to well that they are all volunteers as well as being a vital part of the race day organisation.

With around 30 days each year the New Era club has lots to offer both new and experienced marshals.

For further information, please contact Andy Lyons our Chief Marshal on 07738955516

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