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Frequently Asked Questions?

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Why can't we have these new ACU-T pre-licence courses at the weekend to save a day off work (or out of school)?

New Era is negotiating to get permission to run these courses at weekends - keep in touch with the office (01920 444205) for up-to-date information, also keep an eye on the website news section.


Who should I make cheques for the club payable to?

New Era M.C.C. LTD


Can I cancel my entry to a meeting?

An entry can be cancelled providing this is made in writing (not telephone or fax) and sent by post to the New Era Ltd offices in all cases. Cancellations must be received together with all passes and paperwork at least 3 days before the date of the meeting. Cancellations made in accordance with these conditions may qualify for a discount voucher to value of entry fee less administration charges.


I sent my Membership form off in December, it's now January and I've not heard anything yet. What's the status of my membership?

We process membership applications as we get them, so if you include your ACU licence application form that will be forwarded to them straightaway. Members will then receive our Membership Pack, however we cannot send our Membership Packs out until the Fixture list is confirmed. Therefore we aim to send the Membership Packs out end Jan/early Feb.
In the unlikely event that there is a problem with your membership application then we will write to you straightaway with details of the problem.


Where are my Entry Forms/Regs?

We send the first batch (ten meetings) out with the membership packs at the start of the year. Later in the year the rest of the entry forms are sent out to all members.
For members who join part way through the year entry forms for future meetings in the current batch are sent out, with the remainder to follow as above.


Should I send my ACU Licence Application to you?

Yes. Send the completed ACU Licence Application, with their fee (Cheques payable to the ACU not the Club), and a stamped envelope addressed to the ACU, to us and we will endorse it for you to confirm you are a member of our club. The best thing to do is to send it all in with your New Era Membership form.


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